Profile and History

The Hefebank Weihenstephan was founded during the end of the 1940’s by a Professor Weinfurtner. Professor Weinfurtner’s main intention was to support and to supply the Brewing industry with various pure cultivated yeast strains with individual fermentation characteristics.

The original name "Hefebank Weihenstephan" is a copyright protected name. Together with the corresponding pure cultivated yeast strains. That where originally isolated and cultivated and have been linked with the Hefebank Weihenstephan since the original establishment. Any other facilities or establishments that operate or market themselves with the name "Hefebank" are not identified with our establishment in any way or form.

The Hefebank Weihenstephan supplies numerous breweries in Germany and abroad with the proven high quality of pure cultivated yeast strains and operates its own individual research in the fermentation and yeast sectors. The Hefebank is in possession of a very large collection of bottom fermenting yeast as well as top fermenting yeast used upon the vast experience. The various pure cultivated strains have been applied in modern analysis’s methods with various types of quality beers that have been tested. 

Special attention has been invested upon the criteria such as the dependency of the fermentation speed, fermentation by products, Diacetyle decomposition and directed at the creation of aromas. A large spectrum has been established due to the up keeping of the proven characteristics of the pure cultivated strains. Especially developed cultural media’s and the cultivation conditions have prevented any degeneration i.e. mutation of the yeast strains as proven in the normal laboratory storage.