Yeast Delivery / Shipment

During the transport of the yeast strains from the yeast bank to the customer, it has to be secured that the pure cultivated yeast strains are in a physically good condition so that they arrive healthy to the customer. Therefore the yeast strains have to be specially prepared for their journey either domestically or internationally.

Transport of Brewery yeasts

The sterile propagation of Brewery yeasts from our partner breweries at the yeast bank “Hefebank Weihenstephan” is the fastest possibility to receive large amounts (15-20ltr) via delivery. Here is to be considered that even by the highest sterile biological complexity that the transfer has a certain risk of microbiological inflectional traces.

General Remarks

The most secure method of a constant high quality within the brewery yeast is at the start of the pure cultivated yeast in the laboratory of the individual brewery. A pure cultivated culture that originate from a micro organism collection such as the yeast bank “Hefebank Weihenstephan”. That calls for years of experience and the knowledge of exposure and contact with pure cultivated cultures, that should be the standard of all breweries. The relativity and the accuracy of the implementation of pure cultural yeast strains in a brewery reduces the biological risk significantly compared to the usage of a potentially contaminated brewery yeast cropped from the fermenters.

Sales – Terms & Conditions

Please find our complete terms & conditions of sale enclosed PDF-download: Sales & Conditions (PDF 74kB)

Laboratory Pure Cultivations

The yeast bank “Hefebank Weihenstephan” suppliesStarting Cultures of Pure Cultivates yeast strains which are conceptually prepared so that a simple laboratory pure cultivation can be started.

The delivered Slant agar cultures are created in pure and sterile conditions with an inoculation for the approximate amount of 100 ml sterilized wort usage. These volumes can then approx. 24-48 hours be transferred into 1 litre sterilized wort. Either for a Carlsberg Flask or it can be used for a direct start of a brewery propagation.

The cultures based on cotton wool can be implemented into the wort (150 - 250ml) with sterile tweezers.