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Top-fermented beer of British origin

Altbier yeasts

Special yeasts used for the production of Altbier

Aroma formation

Ability of yeast to form certain aroma components

Degree of output fermentation

Percentage of fermented extract in relation to total extract


Self-dissolution of yeast due to lack of nutrients

Brewery yeast

Brewer's yeast from partner companies

Brewery propagation

Yeast propagation in breweries

Biological acidification

Acidification of mash or wort using biological lactic acid

Frachture forming capacity

Type of yeast flocculation in the course of the main fermentation

Flocculating yeast

Yeasts with compact sedimentation behavior

Carlsberg flask

Small stainless steel tank for yeast propagation


Functional or morphological changes that represent a deterioration

Diacetyl degradation

Reduction of diacetyl via acetoin to 2.3-butanediol

Pressure resistance

Yeasts that are fermentable even at higher pressures

Final degree of fermentation

Laboratory-scale quotient (in %) between fermented extract and total extract

Ester formation

Formation of aromatic fermentation by-products during fermentation or storage

Ester spectrum

Specific pool of different ester components

Flavor components

Aromatic flavors and scents

Liquid yeast

Product available in a 0.5 l aluminium bottle

Fermentation activity

Strength of yeast-induced substrate transformation during fermentation

Fermenting properties

Fermentation properties of pure yeasts

Fermentation control

Control of the fermentation process by means of technological parameters

Fermentation rate

Time from fermentation to the end of main fermentation

Degree of fermentation in the fermentation cellar

Ratio of fermented extract to total extract at the end of fermentation

Fermenting medium

Substrate to be fermented

Fermentation by-products

Products of fermentation metabolism other than ethanol and CO2

Fermentation parameters

Technological process parameters during the fermentation process

Taste profile

Sum of characteristic taste components of a beer

Hefebank Weihenstephan

Traditional company serving the brewing industry, specialised in the distribution and storage of established yeast strains

Yeast cultures

Laboratory-produced yeast cultures

Pure culture yeast

Yeast cultivated from an isolated yeast cell

Yeast strain

Yeast which, due to its genetic make-up or other characteristics, is considered a separate strain

Yeast stress reactions

Behavior of yeast under unfavorable living conditions

Propagation conditions

Defined conditions for the purpose of yeast propagation


Controlled reproduction of microorganisms

Highly fermenting yeast

Yeast with very good extract fermentation, close to the final degree of fermentation.

Kölsch beer

Top-fermented beer speciality from the Cologne area

Cold trub separation

Separation of trub before or after the start of fermentation

Laboratory production

Controlled yeast propagation in the laboratory

Pure laboratory cultivation

Pure yeast propagation produced in the laboratory

Lactobacillus amylolyticus

Lactic acid strain that is well suited for biological mash and / or wort acidification

Lactobacillus amylovorus

Lactic acid strain that is well suited for biological mash and / or wort acidification


Production phase following fermentation and maturation of the beer

Maltose / Maltotriose

Fermentable sugar in beer wort


Special nutrient medium for the cultivation of lactic acid bacteria, among other things

Munich dark

Popular dark beer specialty


Permanent alteration of the genetic material


Property of yeasts rising to the top at the end of fermentation

Compressed yeast

Brewer's yeast, which is first centrifuged and then pressed

Pure yeast

See 'pure culture yeast'


See 'yeast strain'

Starter cultures

Pure strain yeasts of the Hefebank Weihenstephan to start a propagation in a brewery

Temperature control

Observance of a specific temperature scheme during fermentation


Property of yeasts which settle on the bottom towards the end of fermentation